small talk

Sometimes you see people
you want to know who broke their heart
the time they scraped their knee falling out of a tree
or the words a family member jokingly passed along
reaping deepest insecurities for years to come

you want to know what song makes them pull over
or what painting invigorates the lost life and spark
you want to know who stole their innocence
their happiness their free will, break their apathy
who taught them sarcasm, wit, crude humor

But these things you don’t just learn
they take concentrated effort
So when people ask me why I’m so opposed and cold and annoyed
About small talk
it’s because all this, right here
weighs infinitely more
than your favorite color or tv show.

small talk

howl rendition 2

i saw the best minds of my generation
fumbled around
tossed and confused
stuck at checks and behind particle desks

i saw the best minds of my generation
turn to each other
unsure unwise victimized
not knowing what was an option
wanting a shortcut to a simpler time

i saw the best minds of my generation
stripped in vain catastrophic fame
no moral compass to tame
a generation with no one (and everyone) to blame

howl rendition 2

Howl Rendition

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by filters flash selfies facebook,
scrolling down mind numbing feed of screen time all while silently accumulating acute carpal tunnel within the deep recesses of their dominant thumbs touch touch touching away,

who did not know their friends past the stream of status updates, sepia photo uploads and proverbial validation points,
who closed their eyes in front of illuminating iPhones glaring accessible omnipresent,

who cared more about the self professed, witty announcements adorned with cleverly crafted emojis signifying feelings but void of character,

who must capture a plate a food, movie ticket, injury all before indulging in the sweet pleasure of eating or observing or obtaining a bandage,

who became codependent on a device floating amidst pocket space unable to peel away for a given moment with addictive ticks a constant check one two three minutes count,

who self identified their worth based on the attention derived from a number of likes or hits.

Howl Rendition