Substance Abuse

If your life is so miserable that you have to get drunk to have some enjoyment in life, why don’t you go jump off a building, and the rest of us can get on with our lives?

Now I know it’s a little graphic and I’m sure the author doesn’t actually mean to promote suicide, the point is still simple: If you can’t have an enjoyable life without drugs or alcohol, what’s the point of living it?

I wish I could just put this on a billboard near every bar and dispensary in town. It is so goddamned engraved in our culture. This kind of unacceptable, toxic behavior. No, I’m never going to be the type that’s skipping to happy hour or needing a “drink” to “take the edge off.”

Growing up, as children, we see alcohol being romanticized. In movies, we watch as the main character has a drink and then musters up the courage to talk to a girl. Or we watch as the boss decides to offer a promotion to his loyal, bar accompanying assistant.

Reality though, is little different. My first experience with drunk bosses occurred two years ago. I worked as a waiter for a few weeks before I got fired (lol). One night, while we were cleaning up the restaurant, my boss opened a beer. I quickly learned this was his typical closing ritual. As he began to drink, his personality would increasingly become more candid.

At one point, he took it out on my coworker. Just straight yelling at her. I don’t even remember what the fuck for. All I remember was he said something about her fingernails not being perfectly manicured. She started quietly crying. The worst part of about it is, he didn’t even stop or dial down once she began to cry. It was like he was looking for a reaction for his own satisfaction.

I didn’t last there long. And if i was that girl, I would have quit right then and there.

Since I live in Washington, this post would be remiss without a notable mention of marijuana. When you start working, often mary j becomes a symbol of camaraderie and solace among coworkers. Statements like, “Do you smoke?” are more like exclusive social invitations. You’ve made it. The cool crowd. The let’s-get-stoned crowd.

Weed, in essence, is not that much different from alcohol. Not its chemical properties. But the fact that weed is used to foster socialization among coworkers. And the truth is, I learned after a few years that stoners continue to work at jobs to pay for their addiction. They will only develop serious motivation and ambition if their weed-funds become dangerously depleted.

One day it all made sense to me. For this incredibly long post, which I’m only privileged to write when school is not in session, I come to my main thesis: Don’t work a job where you need to be high or buzzed to “get through it.” Your job should be something you’re proud and excited to do. Obviously that’s an optimistic belief, however I truly think when you put whatever substance you’re addicted to away, perhaps you will figure out what truly brings fulfillment to you. Because honestly, alcohol and drugs are a pretty pitiful way to generate fulfillment.

Substance Abuse