What you need to bring to college

A couple items that are highly underrated and essential:

  1. Ibuprofen / cough drops – you will get sick, esp when sharing a room
  2. Broom & dust pan – you’ll eventually get tired of dirt and want to clean. Think about that scene in Finding Nemo and you get the idea.
  3. At least one nice outfit – something you need to wear when you present your “collegial findings”
  4. At least one “nice” outfit – to impress your crush at a party, or something
  5. A warm coat – depending on where your college is located, this is one thing that is well worth spending $$ on.
  6. Coffee maker / instant coffee – you wouldn’t realize it, but when it comes to exams or studying you’re gonna need some kind of hit to keep focused
  7. Calendar / planner – whether traditional or hi-tech, just keep your deadlines organized from the start to set you up for success down the road.

Happy studying and good luck!

What you need to bring to college

Bellingham’s Top 5

If you’re attending Western this fall as a new freshman or transfer, I’d like to pass on some tried and true food knowledge. The nice thing about Bellingham, is that it’s small enough to cover all the best food spots in four years. Here are my top five:

  1. Pizza Time – taco pizza: your stoner friends will thank you. free delivery
  2. Wonderful Buffet – way better substitute for dining hall but save it for when you have a big enough appetite. go midday, early evening
  3. pel meni – kind of a cult favorite. the shop has an antique, typewriter-looking register, plays records, uses string lights. it’s a unique kind of dumpling, little pricey for the amount so save it for special occasions. go at night
  4. ab crepes – the sweet ones > savory ones imo. perfect at any hour.. morning, midday, or late at night
  5. that taco truck” the best fucking tacos a couple dollars can buy you. esp when drunk and cold after bar hopping

Happy eating!

Bellingham’s Top 5

growing pains are the real thing, man.

When I was younger, I used to think that growing pains were just like your bones getting longer or something. I thought it was all about getting taller.


Growing pains are more associated with growing up. The illusion is over. You need to figure out what you want to do; without reaching age 40 and having a crisis about wasting your time in a job you don’t like. There’s a lot at stake, I guess.

It’s like facing all your fears and countless rejection. That’s growing pains. I’m beginning to get it now. And I know, it never truly stops. But that’s a good thing. Keep growing, you know. It’s just a painful ass process.

growing pains are the real thing, man.

college through the lens

i see the flux
past paper and shoes
white erasers, blue packaging
alternative skaters
hold on to what’s true

a well oiled machine
or a man-made weapon
a fight against humanity
or a tragic debt strategy

they flush in like tides
swelling and receding
half distant, half smiling
on the fifty, on the half, and on the hour

the unspoken word
written in graffiti
a wise but true saying
laced like the islands of Fiji

absorb what you know
pump and dump academics
realize political gain
pump and dump integration

what you learn most
is in between the lines
a faulty version system
of hiding what it denies

this all too well known expression
that “a university is a business”
but only in the rat chase
do you realize the consequence

the world at large,
not different from you and me,
the system is rigged
beat the system and you’re free.


college through the lens