The problem with milestones is they are so wide and in between. You’re automatically considered some type of failure if you don’t follow the rule book. Which to some extent, is a tenable point. However, everyone has their own journey to follow.

Milestones should act as guides, not dictators of one’s path. Milestones can and will change. I think people should just focus on doing what fulfills them at a core level.

It isn’t about 75-100k or bust. It isn’t about three bedroom house with 2.5 kids. It isn’t about that. And if you take a look at previous generations, there has always been a shift here and there to the “rules.”

So I say fuck the status quo and do what you want. Fuck tradition. As long as you’re still growing as an individual, consider these arbitrary milestones met. It is only when people fail to grow that they realize their milestones have come up short. You can try and blame external factors out of your control. But the truth laments that every generation had its struggle and we are absolutely no different. It’s about how you take those hardships and overcome them with honest character. That’s what milestones should ideally measure and represent.


college through the lens

i see the flux
past paper and shoes
white erasers, blue packaging
alternative skaters
hold on to what’s true

a well oiled machine
or a man-made weapon
a fight against humanity
or a tragic debt strategy

they flush in like tides
swelling and receding
half distant, half smiling
on the fifty, on the half, and on the hour

the unspoken word
written in graffiti
a wise but true saying
laced like the islands of Fiji

absorb what you know
pump and dump academics
realize political gain
pump and dump integration

what you learn most
is in between the lines
a faulty version system
of hiding what it denies

this all too well known expression
that “a university is a business”
but only in the rat chase
do you realize the consequence

the world at large,
not different from you and me,
the system is rigged
beat the system and you’re free.


college through the lens